Matt Potter ... writing, and then some

quirky stories, amusing and true ... or not


A second short fiction collection from 2010 to 2014, published by Truth Serum Press (January 2016).

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Based on True Stories


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US$15.99 | ISBN: 978-0-925101-75-1 | 262 Pages 

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From the Various Introductions to 'Based on True Stories'

I had long wanted to write a backwards story, or rather a story where the action is told backwards, and this story provided the right vehicle.

from the introduction to Friday


Duality and dual lives and the fakery that goes into leading lives in the public eye have long fascinated me. 

from the introduction to Entertainment Land 


I wrote these twelve linked stories about Morgana Malone and her search for … something.

from the introduction to Morgana Malone and ...


A lot of writers find it (writing sex scenes) difficult but for me, sex is absurd and funny and weird and so as an adult, I have never found it that difficult to write about. The message is, don’t take it too seriously.

from the introduction to Sex and Love


So, sick of temperamental writers and not wanting to chase up yet another willing participant, I decided it was easier if I wrote the stories myself.

from the introduction to The World According to Trudy Polaris


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WHAT People are SAying About 'BAsed on True Stories'

The small fictions in Based on True Stories will not lull you – they will piss you off or, at the least, move you to indignation, or tears, or laughter. Maybe all three. These gems provoke, like the tip of a chef’s knife pricking skin, and just as the words get uncomfortable, the story delivers the bit of redemption that reveals the humanity of his characters – and of us all. These stories are real, raw, and honest. The reading doesn’t get much better than that.

Linda Simoni-Wastila, Senior Fiction Editor at JMWW 


Matt Potter’s writing voice possesses a delicate snark, an incisive wit that lifts even the commonplace into unique memorability. The characters who saunter – sometimes wander, sometimes traipse – throughout this collection of bite-sized fiction have the makings of great fictional people: they’re singular and quirky, but somehow, at the same time – and here’s where my admiration for Matt’s skill goes off the chart – they’re possessed of an indisputable sense of reality ... These people exist, they live and breathe, and we, the readers, recognize in them our friends, our family ... And ourselves. 

Guilie Castillo Oriard, author of The Miracle of Small Things


Real characters with real conundrums. Coarse, flawed and lovable. Potter’s stories are written with a healthy portion of humour and humanity.

Michelle Elvy, editor, Flash Frontier: An Adventure in Short Fiction


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