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My second short story collection, Based on True Stories, has been published by Truth Serum Press (April 2016). The book is a collection of short stories written from 2011 to 2014.

You can order it in all its versions by clicking here.

And clicking on the cover image below will also take you directly to the paperback

For a taste of Based on True Stories, click here.

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Červená Barva Press has published my travel memoir Hamburgers and Berliners and other stories in between (August 2015). The book deals with two years living in Germany.

You can order Hamburgers and Berliners direct from the publisher at The Lost Bookshelf by clicking here, or from Small Press Distribution by clicking here.

For a taste of Hamburgers and Berliners, click here

For more information about Hamburgers and Berlinersclick here




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