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'Vestal Aversion'

A month of stories, 31 in all ... desperate divas and ambitious execs, cuckolded housewives and puzzled politicians, squabbling sisters and nasty neighbours ... all get a guernsey in this collection of fiction and non-fiction about people funny and very unfunny too.

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Vestal Aversion


US$11.00 | ISBN: 978-0-925101-94-2 | 118 Pages 

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eBook ISBN:  978-1-925101-95-9  |  Kindle ISBN:  978-0-9922778-5-7 


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Hmm, another book with a snappy title that sounds great but is actually not connected to the book’s meaning … ?

Yes, I would think the same.

And what does the cover have to do with anything?

Well, I was living in Berlin, had experienced one writers’ group run by a man who was confused about most things – especially about how to communicate effectively – and then went to another, coaxed there by writers I’d met at the first group.

At this second group I was lucky to meet Marcus Speh – and this group was far far better – who introduced me to the world of flash fiction, and online publishing, and my world changed.

Not only did it get me back into writing again – a lot – but I realised all those great ideas and moments and scenes I’d been storing for years now had a place to flower.

So now it's almost two years later and Vestal Aversion is in your hands.

I hope you enjoy it, as much as I did creating these memorable moments (!).


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WOW! What a cracking collection! I think it was the stories with the elderly that really made me wince. They were just so poignantly done. Some of the stories made me snigger aloud (especially the lawnmower one), some made me sad, all made an impression. I couldn't ration myself to one a day. Just too more-ish! 

Gill Hoffs, author of Wild: a collection and The Sinking of RMS Tayleur


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