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Photo © Paul Beckman, taken in Boston, USA, at the US launch of Hamburgers and Berliners in August 2015 


Matt Potter is an Australian-born writer who keeps part of his psyche in Berlin.

His (paid) working life has seen him work as a social worker for government departments and not-for-profit organisations, in the aged care, disability, sexual health, and disability advocacy sectors, as well as teaching English as a Second Language. (The latter has helped his writing and editing enormously.)

His (unpaid) working life has seen him working in community radio and television, for a children's book festival, and too many other things to remember and list.

Matt has been published in The Glass Coin, A-Minor, Gloom Cupboard, Pure SlushMagnolia's Press, fwriction : review, TrainWrite, Connotation Press, Istanbul Literary Review (and here too) and Fix It Broken, Thunderclap Press, Wilderness House Literary Review and Metazen.

He was a regular contributor to 52  / 250 A Year of Flash and had his work performed as part of This Berlin Life in Berlin in March 2011.

Matt's published books include Vestal Aversion (2012), Hamburgers and Berliners and other courses in between (2015), Based on True Stories (2016) and all you need is a whiteboard, a marker ... and this book! Books #1 and #2 (2016).

If you need a great editor, contact Matt at Conditions apply! 


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